Almost seven years ago, HTC was one of the most important Android smartphone makers in the market. The company was the first to step in aluminum alloy construction and in the Ultra-Pixel concept. However, it somewhat failed to follow the competition during the rise of Chinese smartphone OEMs. Now, HTC still struggles to become relevant in the market. The company is reportedly working on a new smartphone, and thanks to @LlabTooFeR insider we have some details about this handset called HTC Desire 20 Pro.The insider is a reliable source when it comes to HTC smartphones. According to him, the new handset has Bayamo codename and it will carry the HTC Desire 20 Pro moniker. Besides, the device will come with a top-left camera array that resembles the Mi 10. On the front, the device will look like OnePlus 8. So we’re in for a new smartphone that looks pretty much with most of 2020 phones in the market. Squareish camera island on the back, and top-left punch hole in the front. Last but not least, the smartphone has a 3.5 headphone jack.Moreover, a smartphone that supposedly is the Desire 20 Pro was also seen on GeekBench with mid-range specifications.

Apparently, the scores are pretty much similar to what we expect from a mid-range device. The list states that it’s a Snapdragon 665, which is slightly outdated for a 2020 phone. The handset runs with 6GB of RAM and has Android 10 in tow.It’s basically a 2020 mid-range phone and it is a smart move from HTC. After all, launching a flagship does not seem to be something feasible in its current situation. Another thing to consider is, if there is a Desire 20 Pro, then we may also see a new HTC Desire 20 in the future.

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